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~ Engage Your Readers with Deep Point of View

~ Hook Your Readers with a Riveting Opening

~ Spark up Your Story: Adding Tension, Suspense, & Intrigue

~ Style Blunders to Watch for in Fiction

~ Info Dumps, AYKB, & Other Author Intrusions

~ Cut the Clutter and Streamline Your Writing

~ Effective, Painless Revision and Self-Editing

~ Immerse the Readers in Your Story World

~ Adding Tension, Suspense and Intrigue to Your Story

~ How to Slash 20-30% of Your Word Count – Without Losing Any of the Good Stuff!

~ Strategies for Showing instead of Telling

~ Bring Your Characters to Life on the Page

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Penticton Writers and Publishers (PWAP) were privileged to have editor Jodie Renner attend their October 16, 2014 meeting and do a presentation called “Reach More Readers With Your Writing.” Our group members represent a wide variety of writing genres, yet Jodie met the challenge of providing a session that was interesting and useful to everyone there.  Drawing on the resources in her award-winning books, “Fire Up Your Fiction” and “Writing a Killer Thriller,” Jodie’s 50 minute workshop was appreciated by all, as was evidenced by the many members who lined up to purchase autographed copies of her books. With humorous examples to illustrate her points, and lots of opportunities for interaction during the presentation, Jodie easily kept everyone’s attention focused on her talk, and at the end she provided each PWAP member with a very helpful handout, as well as a worksheet which provided more examples and opportunities for members to practice and build on the information given in the presentation.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Jodie Renner as a speaker for any writers’ group or conference.

~ Norma Hill, Penticton Writers and Publishers, Oct. 30, 2014


“I was looking for help writing my thriller and was lucky enough to attend Jodie’s webinar, ‘Spark up Your Story: Adding Tension, Suspense and Intrigue.’ Jodie has an uncanny ability to demystify the mysteries in writing a killer thriller. I have both of her books, Fire up Your Fiction and Writing a Killer Thriller, and they are coffee-stained and dog-eared, kind of like my favorite cookbooks. Today I feel like I got to hear a great chef sharing more of her secret recipes, and thanks to her, I’m inspired to go cook up some new plot twists.”

~ Pinny Bugaeff, April 11, 2014

“Jodie Renner made my time a huge success at this year’s SDSU Writers’ Conference in San Diego. Her presentation on revision, titled “Revise for Success,” was thorough, informative, and succinct. As writers, we often forget some of the rudimentary parts that make a book enjoyable to the reader. Writers also need to always learn more of the subtle nuances that go into great writing. Jodie covered the full range. Her book, “Style that Sizzles,” delves into how to write books that are powerful to the reader. Jodie Renner was a true find at the 2014 San Diego Writers’ Conference. I intend to stay current on whatever future projects that include Jodie Renner.”

~ William Patterson, San Diego, Jan. 31, 2014

On Jodie’s workshop on Deep POV at the SDSU Writers’ Conference in San Diego, Jan. 2014:

“Jodie Renner took 15 minutes to knock five years of bad writing habits out of me. Thank you.”

~ Lauren Monahan, Jan. 29, 2014

“Jodie Renner knows fiction writing and editing. I attended her ‘Deep Point of View’ workshop at this year’s Killer Nashville conference and was impressed with the depth of her knowledge. She was able to pinpoint common problem areas using specific examples, practical and common-sense fixes and how to avoid the mine fields of POV. One of the workshop participants chimed in at the end of the workshop, saying, ‘This was the best and most useful session I’ve attended in the whole conference.’”

~ Parker Francis, author of the Quint Mitchell Mystery series,, August 28, 2013

I attended Jodie’s seminar on Deep POV at Killer Nashville writers’ conference. Jodie’s a very skilled teacher, with excellent delivery – never a dull moment. I know that what I learned from her session will greatly improve my writing. Thank you, Jodie!

~ Lynn Mann, author of Mr. Smith’s Errand 

“After attending Jodie Renner’s seminar on Deep Point of View at Killer Nashville and putting her tips, tricks and advice to work, I am able to identify and correct scenes and passages guiding my reader to really get into my characters’ skin, as well as their heads. Jodie brings examples of the do’s and don’ts and keeps the discussion lively with interaction, personality and passion. After reading her books, it is clear to me that Jodie is the go-to person for anyone writing in the thriller and suspense genres who want to grab their reader and keep them turning the pages all night long. Jodie provides an abundance of knowledge that, when utilized, will bring your writing to a higher level. If you have the opportunity to attend a seminar given by this dynamic professional, I would highly recommend it.”

Lisa Mork, author, Gurnee, Illinois, Aug. 27, 2013

“At Killer Nashville 2013, I moderated a panel called ‘Be Your Own Editor – Make Your Book the Best it Can Be.’ Jodie Renner and two other editors/writers answered questions aimed at helping fiction writers revise and self-edit their work. Jodie’s answers were insightful and practical, with a lot of excellent tips for self-editing. When it comes to writing and editing fiction, Jodie obviously knows her stuff and communicates her ideas with enthusiasm.”

~ Jaden (Beth) Terrell, Executive Director, Killer Nashville & Shamus Award nominee

“Sitting in on Jodie Renner’s workshop on point of view was one of the best decisions I made at the recent Killer Nashville Writer’s Conference (which is a stupendous event). Actually, it was called Engage Your Readers with Deep Point of View. Ms. Renner dove into some of the most common bugaboos that haunt many a manuscript-seeking publication, such as avoiding ‘head hopping’, including too many POVs, and making sure the character doing the thinking / describing / ruminating is the correct one to choose.

“Jodie used many examples from manuscripts that she has edited over the years (names and details changed to protect the innocent, or guilty) as a means of reference. Those tidbits helped to clarify the do’s and don’ts and provided the ‘ah hah’ moments.

“Jodie also provided us with a couple of pages of problematic POV examples for us to identify. Catching those POV snafus certainly helped to heighten the awareness of where a problem could sneak into to my writing…and has. I thought that I pretty much had POV down. I mean, it’s simply go with first or third (rarely second), but Jodie got me going back into my work in progress once I got home and combing through it to get a little deeper into what works best with POV.”

Ricky Bush, author,

“I moderated a panel with Jodie at Thrillerfest, July 2013, called “How to Become a Masterful Editor – of Your Own Work,” and immediately I could tell she knew her stuff. That conference tends to attract serious students of the craft, and I saw a lot of pens moving as she talked. Especially for writers who are right on the cusp of doing publishable work – but are maybe one or two steps away – Jodie was offering the kind of practical, insightful, concrete advice they need and crave.”

Brad Parks, Shamus-, Nero- and Lefty-winning author of the Carter Ross Thriller Series (St. Martin’s/Minotaur), July 2013

“Jodie Renner’s workshops and panels on writing and revising your fiction don’t just tell writers how to engage their readers with deep point of view or how to avoid style blunders in our fiction – she shows us how with concrete, clear examples. Jodie, herself, is engaging and her workshops are a valuable experience.”

Molly MacRae, author of The Haunted Yarn Shop Mysteries & other cozy mysteries,

“Jodie Renner gave a wonderful presentation on ‘Do’s & Don’ts for a Compelling Opening’ to the London Writer’s Society on May 16, 2013. She discussed first pages and their importance and provided not only a list of Do’s and Don’ts, but discussed examples and fixes, something often missing in other workshops. There was a lively discussion with a lot of input from LWS members. Jodie talked on this and a variety of other subjects for almost two hours, and it would have been great to have had her for another hour since we were actually late getting out of our room at the library. I’m glad Jodie offered her services to LWS and I know the members were thrilled at her presentation. She’s an excellent speaker and knows her stuff.”

Pat Brown, President, London Writers Society,

“On Thursday, July 18, 2013, editor Jodie Renner gave a presentation on Self-publishing on Amazon to the London Writer’s Society. The meeting was packed and the discussion was well received and very informative. Jodie is an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable in publishing. She’s the consummate professional, and I highly recommend her for presentations as well as for her editing.”

P.A. Brown, President of the London Writer’s Society and author of the L.A. Crime series 

“I recently attended my first Killer Nashville Writers’ Conference. While all the panels and workshops were informative and entertaining, a writing craft workshop by Jodie Renner called ‘Engage Your Readers with Deep Point of View’ really stood out.

Renner captivated her audience by explaining why using deep point of view or close third-person POV helps draw readers in. She also provided examples from manuscripts she had edited, changing names and circumstances to point out POV mistakes new writers make and recommend ways to change them. The old adage “Show, don’t tell” really came alive with Renner’s examples.

I’m sure Jodie’s books, STYLE THAT SIZZLES & PACING FOR POWER – An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction, and WRITING A KILLER THRILLER – An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction will be just as entertaining and helpful!”

~ Ruth M McCarty, author,