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Just thought I’d pass along some of the many unsolicited compliments I receive from my writer clients. These are excerpts from Facebook entries, a few comments under my blog posts, and mostly emails received over the years, as well as some comments in the margin of the manuscripts, in response to my suggestions:


“Excellent insight, Jodie! I wish I had your incisive brain for fine logic :)”

–         A.K., email, Jan. 2013


“The privilege and honor is all mine to be working with such an awesome, conscientious, knowledgeable editor, who has not just improved my story exponentially, but who’s also coaching me to be a better writer. Thank YOU!”

–         A.K., email, Jan. 2013


Hi Jodie,

I just got this from my brother, who is now writing thrillers, and I thought you might like to read it:

“Also, can’t thank you enough for the Jodie Renner reference. I have not even contacted her yet (I will), just bought 2 of her e-books and read her blogs, and on-line articles. They helped me immediately (especially Style that Sizzles) with self-editing, making it easy for me to spot problems in my fiction writing in passages I thought were near perfect, but weren’t.”

–         Anne T, email, Jan. 13, 2013


“If there is any other way I can be a witness to how wonderful you are to work with, please let me know. I learned so much from working with you and I will always remember this experience with fondness, whether I win or not.”

–         Deb. R., Jan. 2013


You are the first lady of crime fiction and thrillers!   –    A.K., Jan. 2013


“OMG. I have a totally new way of looking at it now. I’m sure it’s not perfect but I’m getting the hang of it. Feels like a lot of fat being cut off of a steak.”

–         Byron, email, October 2012


“Jodie, I have thoroughly enjoyed this process with you. It’s night and day from my last experience with an editor. And although I’m positive my editor made my first book way better than I started with, it didn’t come close to a feeling of collaboration. You have spoiled me. You have taught me. You have stretched me. You have not changed my voice.”

–  Peg, email, September 2012


“I want you to know I LOVE getting your edits. You are helping me make this book so much better.”

–  Peg, email, September 2012


“Jodie, I can really see how you are also building my “inner voice editor” by editing this manuscript for me. […] In the past, all my beta readers and writer’s workshops confused me into complete paralysis…. I had three novel drafts just sitting there because I got to a point where I had so much input, I felt nothing I wrote could ever be good enough.

“Now I’ve got three short stories I’m submitting to competitions, a writing grant I’m applying for, two drafts of books I’ve already written, and two websites, and I’m using your help for this one manuscript as a way to inform me about ALL these pieces. Hiring you as an editor is more than just about the thriller. It’s helping me put my works out there with confidence, rather than writing every day and putting all the work in a closet because five people at a writer’s workshop gave five different opinions that set me into paralysis.

“[…] how valuable this is for me. […] This editing online is working and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

–   Barbara, email, September 2012


Jodie Renner Editing edited one of the earliest versions of The Man Who Fell from the Sky for me. She suggested that I toss out Chapter 5 and rewrite the beginning. I didn’t do it at the time, because I am that stubborn. When my manuscript was under consideration at Harlequin Mira Books, the exec editor there asked me to toss out chapter 5 and write a new beginning, which I did. The book rose far above my previous efforts in quality and I pulled it from Harlequin and put it on Amazon Kindle. I think this speaks very well of Jodie’s intuition as a story editor. She knows romantic suspense. Any mistakes in that book are mine and happened after she edited the ms. for me. =) I know her in person because she flew from Toronto to Tucson, to hang out with me at the Tucson Festival of Books and she let me pick her brain, which is quite amazing! She is that awesome!”

–         Eve Paludan, on Facebook, Aug. 20, 2012


 “The blog posts and articles you’ve sent me have been incredible, and the dollar or two anyone pays for your next e-booklet will be by far the best value they’ll ever get. You are a master at teaching how to captivate a reader and not let them go. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found you as an editor (just wish I would’ve done so years ago…).”

– Steve, email, July 2012


“Jodie, it’s great to hear that you think my writing is improving—all the hard work we’ve put in has paid off! It’s even better to hear your enthusiasm around the story. It makes the whole hard process worthwhile!

Because of this, I am myself getting more excited, and I have attached (perhaps rather optimistically) the reworks of the chapters that we were working on, […] looking forward to hearing your opinion on what happens!

Many thanks as always for the help!”

–   James, email, June 2012


“…I especially appreciate the individualized back-and-forth we’re doing here. It’s so valuable to me – pretty much everything I had hoped for in editing: growth, learning, help seeing things differently. In so many ways, I’m thankful to have found you, Jodie.”

–   Barbara, email, May 2012


“Good morning, writing guru!

I really like the way you think about the events in the story – you have a fantastic mind for analysis of sequences in the scenes!

I see your points. I thought about what you said – Spot on, as usual!

Love the edits and ideas, Jodie. I’m always amazed at how great you are in your analysis of the writing….”

–   Beverly, email, May 2012


“Having never had a book edited before, I didn’t understand the editor’s role could encompass so many things. I expected copyediting, but Jodie also advised me on structural elements, plot, character traits, point of view, and even down to elements such as whether to kill a character off, or where another chapter was needed to fill in a character’s experience.”

– Ian Walkley, May 26, excerpt from long comment under post on editing on SinC blog.


In the comments under one of my guest blog posts, May 2012:

“This post comes at the perfect time for me. I’m rewriting scenes, bringing the characters to life. It has been an amazing process, working with Jodie as my editor. Each time I find a comment in the margin asking me to have the character react to what he just saw or heard, it seems to deepen the character in a way that allows a glimpse into his mind. It’s much more moving and powerful than describing what he/she was thinking, and opens the relationship to the reader.
Lots of great examples in the post!”

–         Beverly

What is one thing that has helped you develop as a writer?

[…] I guess I would have to say working with professional editors like Lorie Popp at Medallion Press and freelance thriller editor Jodie Renner. I’ve learned more about writing tight, exciting thrillers from those two extremely competent people than probably every other way combined. It’s part science, part art, and part magic.

Other than that, there’s no substitute for hard work. It’s kind of a cliché that a writer has to write, but it really is true. Writing is like anything else, the more you do it, the better you get at it.

–         Allan Leverone, Interview, May 2012


Within doc:

“Fantastic enhancements here, Jodie … smokin’”

“I can see the chapter picking up pace and tension too.  Thanks! What a great editor!”

B.P., May 2012


“Jodie, without your help, my book would not have the professional quality of writing it now has. I could never thank you enough for editing and teaching me about POV, etc.

 In the past, agents and publishers’ reps always were interested in my story but never went as far as asking to represent me or publish it. I found you and knew with your help I could address basic writing issues I knew must be the reason but didn’t know what they were. I now know because of you and am trying to incorporate and correct them. If it ever gets published, it will be because of you. Thank you.”

–   J.S., email, May 2012


Comments in the margin:

“WOW – I really like this – tighter and tighter and higher stakes and good flow…

Please see the work I did in response to your edits and questions.

THANKS, Jodie!

I just love the way you teach…and I understand what you’re saying here.”

–         B.P., May 2012


“Jodie, I’ve printed both articles to take and read. I haven’t told you but I have my own creative writing notebook. It contains: all your suggestions you have given as you edited my book, pertinent emails and articles you have sent. I have read all the articles and the book you suggested. I can see my improvement because of your efforts. You are a wonderful teacher and editor. I really appreciate how you approach editing. Thanks.”

–  J.S., email, April 2012


“I agree that my editor is wonderful. Jodie Renner Editing added way more value to No Remorse than the fee I paid her (don’t tell her I said that). And please don’t tell me I have given up hours and dollars I could have earned at my previous job for vanity. Self-published authors (serious ones) are willing to commit significantly to get their work to market. And serious ones use professional editors.”

–         Ian Walkley, Facebook, April 21, 2012


“For me, this is working out wonderfully and I’m determined to finish, even if I have to work on this for another 6 months or more. Your edits are honest, sharp, detailed, and you’ve clearly got a wonderful understanding of the genre. I’m more than thankful, especially since I spent 10 years in writer’s groups that got me nowhere. (I have 4 drafts of novels that I never even tried to publish because I got copious amounts of feedback… but they weren’t helpful and made me feel stalemated. I usually gave up due to the endless criticism.)

Thanks for your hard work!”

–  Barbara, email, April 2012


“I am learning so much and I think its improving my writing tremendously. Thank you so much for all of your pointers and teaching. I really appreciate it! I still can’t help my excitement! It has always been one of my life goals to get published.”

– Sarah, email, March 2012


Author Matt Chatelain I’ll look forward to your novel. Sounds like mine, No Remorse, a plot-driven pacy read. I used Jodie Renner Editing as my editor. She was brilliant. Talk to her. She is a great help with plot structure as well.

Ian Walkley, Facebook, March 5, 2012


“Thanks, Jodie. I really appreciate it! BTW, my agent read the edit and thinks it’s terrific and really improved.”

– Joanne, email, February 2012


[Big gap where I didn’t get around to saving any of the wonderful emails I was getting.]


“I love the changes you suggested, Jodie.  You’re really great at this.

You have great ideas and I’m so happy to be working with you.  Thanks for taking this okay story and making it great.”

– Kathi, email, February 2011

[Then another year when I was too busy editing to remember to copy compliments from clients]


“Dear Jodie,

I’m really, really, enjoy working with you.  I am impressed with your professionalism, and the quality of your work. …

You have gained my trust, and my careful reading of the editing this time is testimony to the outstanding editing that you do.  And I will say that in the acknowledgments of the book.

Thank you for your fast and excellent editing, Jodie; and for your understanding of what I am trying to present to my readers. Your work has helped me tremendously.” 

–   Nina, email, December 2010
“What an interesting and useful blog, Jodie. I had to get a master’s degree to receive this kind of quality advice as a writer. How lucky your clients are!”

– Gail L, comment under blog post, August 2010


“Thanks for your editing on these 3 chapters. […]  By the way, Jodie, you have challenged me and my writing in the most fantastic ways. I don’t know if you do this with all the projects you take on, but if you do, ALL of your clients certainly get a good bit more than they have paid for. Toward the end of this project, my greatest challenge will be to write a testimonial that will come close to giving you the kudos you deserve.”

–  John T, email, May 2010)