Acknowledgments from Novels

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 – Some of the mentions of Jodie Renner’s editorial contributions in the Acknowledgments pages of authors whose novels Jodie edited:

Allan Leverone, author of thriller Parallax View:

“Editor Jodie Renner deserves much of the credit for anything you may have liked about this book, and none of the blame for what you didn’t. She is to thrillers what Vivaldi was to violins, and not a day goes by I don’t thank my lucky stars for finding her. Jodie’s hard work, keen insight, and refusal to settle for anything less that the best possible product sets her—and her work—apart from the crowd, at least in my book, which this is.” (January 2013)


Ian Walkley, author of award-winning action-thriller No Remorse: 

“I am deeply grateful to my editor, Jodie Renner, who was enthusiastic about my story and helped add layers to my characters, improve the precision of my language, and enhance the subtleties in plotlines. Apart from the absolute fun I had working with Jodie, the experience was incredibly efficient. Emailing the manuscript between Australia and Canada, Jodie edited while I slept, and vice versa, and we managed to complete the job in less than four weeks! Jodie also provided me with excellent advice about US idiom and helped my rusty French.” (December 2011)


LJ Sellers, author of thriller The Trigger:

“This book is dedicated to my wonderful editor, Jodie Renner, who helped the story reach a new level of excitement…” With a handwritten note: “Jodie, your contribution was invaluable!” (Oct. 2013, for release January 2014)


A.M. Khalifa, author of thriller Terminal Rage:

“Jodie Renner is the best editor and ally any author could ask for. Working with her has transformed this manuscript and made me a better writer.” (August 2013)


Peg Brantley, author of The Missings:

“This was my first time working with Jodie Renner. She is a terrific editor and made me feel like I had a collaborator extraordinaire. She found things that needed fixing and areas that needed expansion, and then she sat back patiently while I applied her advice or convinced her to let me have my way. She made the editing process thoroughly enjoyable. With Jodie, it was very much a collaborative effort that spoiled me, taught me and stretched me. And she did it all without changing my voice. She was also one of my biggest encouragers. Because of Jodie, The Missings is a better story.” (November 2012)


Allan Leverone, author of thriller The Lonely Mile:

 “Freelance editor Jodie Renner is everything an editor should be and more: knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and ruthless with a red pen. This book is immeasurably better thanks to her hard work.” (August 2012)


Mar Preston, author of suspense-mystery Rip-Off:

On Acknowledgments page: “My editor, Jodie Renner, immeasurably improved this book with incisive comments that made me think, then rewrite and rewrite.” (April 2012)

And handwritten on title page: “For Jodie, one of the most important people in my life. You have truly taken my writing to the next level. Thank you. – Mar.”


Eve Paludan, author of romantic suspense, The Man Who Fell from the Sky:

“Jodie Renner, I’m grateful for your diligent editing and expert advice for the first draft of this book. And thank you for flying from Canada to Arizona to discuss The Man Who Fell from the Sky.” (January 2012)


Joanne Sydney Lessner, author of cozy mystery, The Temporary Detective:

“…my eagle-eyed editor, Jodie Renner, who caught my logic flaws (and yes, there were a few)…”

And inside signed copy: “For Jodie – I couldn’t have done it without your expert editing. With gratitude, Joanne.”


L.J. Sellers, author of suspense-mysteries and thrillers: 

Inside The Gauntlet Assassin: “Jodie – Thanks for your great editing. – L.J. Sellers”

Inside Liars, Cheaters & Thieves: “Your edit made this book better, Jodie! Thanks. – L.J. Sellers”

Inside Secrets to Die For: “Thanks for your help, Jodie. – L.J. Sellers”


Reid Lance Rosenthal, author of Threads West, An American Saga:

“Thanks to editor Jodie Renner’s eagle eye and steadfast attention to detail in proofreading this second edition…”